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Course Overview

Get started in a new career as a Project Manager. This qualification provides the skills and knowledge to manage projects in a variety of contexts, across a number of industry sectors. Those in project leadership and management roles are responsible for achieving project objectives. Project Managers need a sound theoretical knowledge base and have the skills to initiate, plan and execute projects, as well as evaluate their own work and/or the work of others.

What you will learn

This course covers a range of units, including leading and managing team effectiveness, managing project scope, time, quality, cost, human resources, information and communication, risk, integration and stakeholder engagement. The course will give you the skills to organise teams, control costs, better manage and mitigate risks, and improve productivity and communication techniques.

Includes certificates

  • BSBPMG511Manage Project Scope
  • BSBPMG512Manage Project Time
  • BSBPMG513Manage Project Quality
  • BSBPMG514 Manage Project Cost
  • BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources
  • BSBPMG516Manage Project Information and Communication
  • BSBPMG517 Manage Project Risk
  • BSBPMG521 Manage Project Integration
  • BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships
  • BSBWOR501Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development
  • BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness
  • BSBWHS521Ensure a safe workplace for a work area

Enrolment Information

Students are required to attend class a minimum of two days per week and will be required to complete self-paced study activities outside of class-time. This is estimated at approximately 20 hours. In some weeks students may need to attend class 5 days per week. A study plan will be developed for you on commencement and reviewed for the start of each term.

This course is conducted over 52 weeks. There are 4 study terms of 10 weeks each. There is a 3-week holiday period between terms.

Upcoming Intake Dates

  • 13 January 2020
  • 17 February 2020
  • 13 April 2020
  • 18 May 2020 
  • 13 July 2020 
  • 17 Aug 2020 
  • 12 Oct 2020 
  • 16 Nov 2020 

International Students can study the BSB51415 - Diploma of Project Management in our Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne campus.

In Australia you are considered to be an overseas student if you’re not an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, New Zealand citizen, or holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa.

To apply as an International student:

  • Students must be 18 years or over.
  • Students must have completed their final year of secondary schooling or equivalent.
  • Students need to be able to demonstrate an IELTS score of 6 overall, with a minimum of 5.5 in any one band, or equivalent.

Course fees are fixed for the duration of your enrolment.

The total fees payable for this qualification are: AUD$14,850. This is broken into two payments:

Payment 1: 

Before we can issue a Confirmation of Enrolment, you will be required to pay

  • a non-refundable Enrolment fee of AUD$350
  • a Materials fee of AUD$500, and
  • 50% of your Tuition fees AUD$7,000

A Confirmation of Enrolment is required to apply for your Student Visa.

Payment 2: 

Payment 2 is required after you have completed 50% of your course. You will be required to pay the outstanding balance of your Tuition fees of AUD$7,000.

Students will be assessed via

  • project work
  • instructor observations; and
  • theory based assessments.

To gain the vendor certifications available through this qualification you must sit and pass the related exams. This is a recommended, optional element of the program but is not required in order to gain the qualification.

Students may apply for course credit if they can demonstrate the required skills and knowledge. Speak with a Student Support Officer for more information.

Thank you for making my dream come true. Raya Zaharieva, Bulgaria
Thinking of studying in Australia? Do it. It's the friendliest, most exciting place to be! Erica Takoch, Pittsburgh, USA
Thank you NextTech, for making my dream come true.Raya Zaharieva, Bulgaria
Thinking of studying in Australia? Do it. It's the friendliest, most exciting place to be! Erica Takoch, Pittsburgh, USA

Quick facts

  • BSB51415



    Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne


    1 Year – 52 Weeks


    13 Jan, 17 Feb, 13 Apr, 18 May, 13 Jul, 17 Aug, 12 Oct, 16 Nov






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